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Here are some recommended Christian resources. This is a new page, and will grow and improve considerably over time...

The page Bring Your Faith Back to Life! contains an overview of several different ideas, and resources, to expand, fortify, and renew your Christian life.


"The Heavenly Man" by Brother Yun inspired me greatly. It tells the story of Brother Yun's life in China, much of which was spent behind bars (in prison) for his faith in Christ. I find these kinds of books help a lot with the difficulties of life, and make them seem a lot more trivial. I think just the story of how he gets his first Bible would be worth the price of the book, it's so completely different from anything we're used to in modern Western countries. The Heavenly Man been translated into at least 38 languages, and in the United Kingdom it was voted 'Christian Book of the Year' for 2003, and 'Best Biography' in 2004. Brother Yun is currently supporting Back to Jerusalem.

"Tortured for Christ" and "In God's Underground" by Richard Wurmbrand. These are a similiar theme to The Heavenly Man, but the events occur earlier, in the communist era in Romania. I first read Tortured for Christ as a brand new Christian around ten years ago. It had a dramatic impact on me. I haven't heard of much in the world that's inspired me like these kinds of people, who could undergo such extreme treatment and yet remain not only sane, but hold onto their faith and come out with a positive and even loving attitude. Richard's son Michael is still alive and active in missions. You can learn more, and read Richard and his wife Sabina's books on Michael's website here.

"Run Baby Run" by Nicky Cruz. I read this first when I was about eight or nine years old, which was much too young. And then again as an adult Christian. The first part of the book details Nicky's life as the leader of a street gang in the ghettos of New York. He then meets the preacher David Wilkerson, who convinces him of the truths of Jesus Christ, and his life is transformed.

Free Online Books

This page contains links to online classic Christian books that you can read or download for free.


Free Greek course online at Morling College in Sydney.

Free Hebrew courses online: The Master's Seminary Biblical Hebrew Full Video Course. Course Textbook and other PDFs (free). Other courses here.

Christian Radio Stations

Vision Christian Radio operates from many different transmitting locations in Australia. Including AM 1611 KHz in Western Sydney. I can get this from home, but not always reliably when driving around in the car. You can listen to it online now via streaming by following this link.

Hope 103.2 FM is probably the most popular one in Sydney, though Vision (above) has more Christian content. It used to be called 2CBA from 1979, when it was founded, until 2002. It's got much better reception in my car, and at home, than Vision does.

Faith FM I only just discovered when looking for more stations to put on this list. I'll give it a try sometime.

List of Australian Christian Radio stations (and regular Christian programming on mainstream stations) here at


I go to church at Springwood Baptist Church in the Blue Mountains of NSW (not the Springwood in Queensland).

I began studying a Master of Divinity through Morling College, the Australian College of Theology, and Greater West for Christ in Sydney in 2018.

I'll expand this list considerably soon...

More resources to follow soon...

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