Bring Your Faith Back to Life!

Bring Your Faith Back to Life! -

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Ideas to Help Renew Your Christian Faith

Here's a list of ideas that might help to renew your Christian faith. If you're a brand-new Christian you can also try these out and see if you like any of them...

Remember What an Amazing Gift It Is to Be Saved

Sometimes after a while Christians kind of semi-forget how amazing it is to be one with the Living God, and that we're saved, and going to heaven.

Imagine that Jesus is Right Here With You, Right Now

Because he is. You can imagine that Jesus is with you, right now, this minute, sitting in the chair next to you. Imagine that you can talk to him — since you can, through prayer. And he can hear you. Imagine that he can talk to you — since he can, and does, and is — through the Bible, his Living Word.

When you read the words in the Bible, think of those words as God (or Jesus) actually speaking to you. Since that's exactly what God is doing, through the Bible.

Pray More

Try praying more than you have been, and/or praying in different ways. Not long after starting Bible college I read that Billy Graham prayed for an hour nonstop every day. Have you tried that? Or even half an hour, or 10 minutes.

At first I thought wow, an hour a day, that's really a lot! Then, later in the year, I read that William J. Seymour, one of the first pentacostalists, said "that I prayed for five hours a day for two and a half years". [Reference].

After I heard that, an hour a day didn't seem like such an amazingly long time as it did to me originally.

Pray Differently

You can read other people's prayers to get ideas of different things to pray about, that you might not have thought of already. When I started to look for books of prayers, I found that there's a huge selection available of books about prayer, such as ideas of ways to pray, and reasons to pray — however there were comparatively extremely few books that contained lists of actual prayers that I could just read out and pray. Here are a few that I found, and like.

Read the Bible With a Friend

Consider reading the Bible aloud together with a friend. Perhaps on a regular basis, even for a few minutes a week. And then you can discuss what you've read. You can do this with Christian friends, and also with interested non-Christians.

The Bible was meant to be read aloud. In the days when it was written, most people couldn't read nor write, and those few that could would read the Bible aloud to everyone else, who would hear it read to them as spoken words.

Read Books Out Aloud

If you like the idea of this, you can take this even further, and get together with one or more other people, and read other books aloud to each other.

Read a Christian Biography

If you look for a biography (or even more than one) about the life of another Christian, which resonates with you, this can be a a huge catalyst for change and to bring your Christian life back to the centre of your life, where it can give you the greatest joy, hope, and satisfaction.

Buy a New Christian Book and Start Following It

There's a vast collection of books available now, full of fresh new ideas. I'll list some of them on this site soon. Also you can go into a "real" bookshop and browse through the books. Even just one new book, in the right place at the right time in your life, can make an absolutely massive change to your life, if you take it's message to heart and follow it.

Get Baptised!

If the denomination you follow supports this, something to definitely consider if you haven't done it already, is to get baptised. This can be one of the best ways there is to confirm, or renew, your primary mission in life as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Listen to Different Music

Look for different music to listen to, that you don't usually listen to. Perhaps a new style, or even just moving from mainly secular music to mainly Christian music. Also, there's a huge variety of different Christian music available, in as many different styles as there is in music in general.

Find a New Christian Radio Station

You can use actual radio or internet streaming. A good example is Vison Christian Radio, which you can listen to online now via streaming by following this link.

Look on the Internet for Inspiration, Including Sermons and Inspirational Speeches

There's a vast amount of internet resources available now. Far more than you could ever see all of, if you spent your entire life watching media. Fortunately, much of this is a similar message being repeated in various different ways — so you don't have to feel like you're missing out on a whole lot of important things.

Try searching a popular source of internet information, e.g. YouTube, for different search phrases, such as Christian sermons, (or replace these terms with whatever your particular current interest is).

Get Christian TV In Your Home

Look into getting the equipment to recieve Christian TV channels in your home. You could consider entirely replacing the ordinary, secular (non-Christian) TV with this. Or use both together. Instal-Life is an example of the kind of thing that's available.

Try Spiritual Housecleaning

This can be seen on two levels, and actual spiritual level where cleaning out certain items that attract dark forces will free up your life. And on a more physical level, just in terms of de-cluttering and removing old things. Especially those things which aren't that much needed for your new Christian life. And things which remind you, and draw you back, into your old life which may be less than ideal.

Start a New Christian Course

There's a whole range of different courses you can take relating to Christian faith. Some you can do online, others in groups with people in a "real" venue.

Go to Bible College

Not everyone has the freedom to do this, however if you can take out enough time from other committments in your life, a great way to dedicate your life to Jesus is to spend a large amount of time learning at one of the many excellent Bible colleges that are available today.

There are many different options, including online courses, internal courses (where you go to a real building/location/classroom), and combinations of these.

Learn the Biblical Languages

If you really want to begin a whole new life, or just make a really big change to your existing life, what better way than to learn an entirely new language? (Or two even?) The Old Testament of the Bible was originally written in Hebrew, and the New Testament was written in Koine (or "common", as opposed to Classical/formal) Greek.

It takes a fair amount of commitment, in terms of time, to learn a language (or two) well enough to be able to read the Bible in that language. I'm currently learning these now, in 2019, through Morling College in Sydney. However if you can spare the time, I think it's well worth it. Reading the Bible in English (or some other translation) compared to its original language has been said to be like watching black-and-white TV compared to 3-D colour TV.

See here for more on the biblical languages.

More to Follow...

This page will be continued later — with a longer list of suggested ideas to break out of ruts, and to bring a completely fresh and revitalised approach to your Christian life.

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